Best outdoor activities to try in Somerset 

Arguably, there are no ‘big’ cities in Somerset. There are a couple but that’s not the point. But when it comes to outdoors, these hills and creeks are as magnificent as anywhere else. Maybe even better.  

Here’s what we came up with what you can do outdoors (just from the top of our heads):  

  • The Great South West Trail  
  • Glastonbury Festival  
  • Explore Wildlife in Exmoor National Park and Mendip Hills Area of Natural Beauty 
  • Explore history  

And that’s just in couple of minutes without mentioning all the local parks, museums and beaches. You know, Somerset is a kind of a place you could lose yourself in. Just start walking and see what the world throws at you.  

However, not to say that Somerset hasn’t got its flaws, so let’s focus on only the best of what Somerset has to offer outdoors. 


We already mentioned the Great South West trail, a large part of it goes through Somerset. But there are other places, in the city as well as far into the wild.  

For example, the 6-mile Bath Skyline Walk or 600-miles of the incredible Exmoor National Park.  

Great Food 

Why not familiarize yourself with the local food? Let’s say you have come to Somerset for the first time. We recommend going to county fairs, which are plenty of in here. You will learn so much about Somerset in the shortest amount of time, plus you will get to try the best local food there is.  

Outdoors is Mendip 


Mendip requires its own recognition because it has everything you are looking for. At least as far as outdoor activities go. For instance, in winter you can come here to ski on their 165 meter flood-lit slope as well as a toboggan slope for kids. 

Spring through Autumn you can come here to practice on a climbing tower, or organize scout trips in the 250 acre woodland. From rock sport quarries to golf courses – there is something for you in Mendip.    

Outdoor Play Spaces 

You need to go outside. No, not to catch Pokemon. Just take your friends, take your kids and just go out to play. Isn’t it really the best outdoor activity to spend your time?  

Without phones or stress, especially when Somerset has so much to offer.